Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel Home Pack

This pack contains 8 Guardian Angel Shockproof Outlets ... enough to nicely equip a typical household. Guardian Angel strongly recommends using this product on your most dangerous electric outlets ... outlets always in use (with nightlights, baby monitors, floor lamps, and more), outlets frequently used (to vacuum, or to charge a cell phone/tablet), and outlets that just seem to attract your curious and ingenious child. For homes that want absolute protection from shocks, convenient access to power, and peace of mind with outlet safety, this pack of 8 is a great start ... at bulk pack pricing.

The path to your safest home begins with Guardian Angel - making safety smart:


  • Easy Installation...No professional installing or wiring required
  • Can't be circumvented by childhood curiosity and ingenuity
  • Always vigilant sensor technology
  • Electrical power available at all times
  • No small pieces that create chocking hazards
  • WINNER: 2014 Invention of the Year ... INPEX New Product Showcase